Macro recording in Blender?

I am creating a model where I have to repeat a sequence of commands on a selection of faces…
for eg.

E (for extrude)
<Enter> (to accept default option of ‘region’)
G (for move the newly extruded faces)
Z (in z-axis)
10 (by ten units)

and repeat… on new set of selection…

I would like create a macro of sorts (assigned to a shortcut) that applies this command on current face selection and which can be re-applied on any selection set of faces.

Help pls. :slight_smile:

It’s not currently possible within Blender … but should be in the 2.50 release.

For now, you can split and separate said faces then add an Array modifier. Then apply, join, and remove doubles.

Thinking out loud: Why couldn’t a python script be made to record and playback user macros? Or record user actions to a python script.