Macro Renamon in parking lot (motion tracking)

More motion tracking fun. I shot this video on a mall parking lot, and added the 3D entirely using Blender 2.62.

The scene took approximately two days to create. Final render time was less than an hour. Model by Slime_Demon_Kishin,

As big as that character is, she is moving way too fast.

I’ve just started messing around with this feaure in blender, great job. Motivates me to keep learning.

Nice job.

Steve S


Wow that track was amazing, seeing all the terrible motion. Did it take a long time to track features and solve?

The tracking took about 2-3 hours for this one I think. It depends on how the video was shot, and how many patterns that stand up it has (and how shaky it is). The animation was the hardest part here, but I got it to be smooth enough.