Macro using python?


I no nearly nothing about programming and python. My question is whether it is difficult to make a macro for repetitive steps in Blender using python code.

In particular it would be very helpful for IK FK switch for Cessen simple Byped rig.

Before going from FK to IK I always for each IK controller need to:

  • Select IK controller
  • Shift select FK controller
  • Ctrl-C Copy Pose Attributes - Visual Location
  • Ctrl-C Copy Pose Attributes - Visual Rotation
  • Slect just IK controller
  • Hit I (Insert Key) VisualLocRot

Before going from IK to FK I always for aech FK controller need to

  • Select FK controller
  • Hit I (Insert Key) VisualRot

Would it be too dificult to have just one python button which would do all these steps automaticaly? Or even to connect this steps to FK IK switch directly so when it moves it does all these steps via python?

Thank very much to all python coders in advance.