Macromedia Flash & Blender. The Perfect Pair.


you know them all

Sound synthesising, 2d animation, for credits, etc.

heres the thing i do, i render a small bit of an animation in blender, export it into an avi (with compression the filesize with decrease a little/lot), then open up flash, import the avi, (even without compression the filesize would become 10% of what it was before, which is AWSOME) and then use flash to do all the cool transition effects.

i had a 43mb blender animation, (totaled all scenes), flashed it, and now its 3mb. and it looks almost completely the same.

sounds can be easily got from places like and flash has this really usefull sound thing which shows on the frames so that you know what music is playing when, so that you can make your anim start on a really good position. this also simplyfies lipsync loads.

another good thing about this is that flash exports into .swf. .swfs can be viewed in a browser without downloading. you can also add loading bars and all that fancy stuff (i wont go into details but just search for actionscript stuff tutorials if you want that).

i would recommend using flash 6.

though the newest flash is crap, is does have some new text effects like blur out, explosion and other stuff which is great for showing the credits.

obviously you can export the anim to be viewed in flash player 5 and lower even though you are using the newest version. which is good for low users.

also, flash exporting (rendering) is much faster than blenders.

any comments about this is welcome. but dont expect many replies from me, i normally hang about the blender general Q&A.

why not make a frontend in flash, then call flv-s? this approach sems somewhat less messy to me, but I may have misinterpreted your post.

MX could be a good choice indeed - it can be supposedly run trough wine on a linux box (if you double boot - … or on a second box).

I don’t know about encoding to flv under wine …

There is also a blender python exporter for swf-s, but you’d need older version of blender/python.

For some reason I found this funny. I guess because the .swf file format is the format that flash has always exported to. It’s like saying A good thing about microsoft word is is that it exports to .doc format.

I’m not being mean, it was funny though.

Really though, I wouldn’t exactly call Flash and Blender the “perfect” pair. Now a really awesome pair would be Director and Blender if Blender could export to that w3d shockwave format, or if Director could import blender models.

Then you could have another outlet for making games with blender sprites.

yeah i also was laughing when i wrote that.

the reason i wrote that is for people which have never used flash before.

also yes i agree about the shockwave thing but i was talking about putting animations into flash not a game.

Moho for 2d animations then importing them into Blender can make for nice hybrid scenes.

i was having fun with the compressions and it made my 43mb file into 122kb.

amazing, and you still can make out what is going on in the animation.

yeah i think the blend of 2d and 3d with flash and produce some nice stuff.

when i finish my The NGT project ill post it here to see the flash stuff.