Macrophage picnic

This is an illustration I created to represent the idea of a macrophage.
Macrophages are cells in our immune system that protect the body by consuming foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, through a process known as phagocytosis


That’s really cute.
Mind my asking, how did you do the basket? Straightforward modelling or geo nodes?

Hey, thank you! I didn’t use geo nodes. I started with a small base unit that I could apply array modifiers to and used that to build up the weave. After I applied the modifiers, I went in and manually adjusted verts with proportional editing to make the weave a little less regular and fix some clipping.

Would be interesting to try it with geo nodes! I was originally hoping to do something fully procedural for the basket, but after a while of trying to figure it out, I decided to just brute force it.

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I tried a similar thing for a circular weave basket using geo nodes, I got it working for the sides, but not the base.
And I was working in 2.92, so, no curve primitives, and extra nodes to implement the “vertex index”, so yeah, a lot of work.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Awesome! Thank you so much!

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Love it!, nice details

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

So cute! Love the concept

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