Blender 2.63a and Cycles


Im no pro but i think you did a good job on it im surprised no one comment. i like the textures also on the grasshoper and on plants.keep it up, cya

My lanta this is good. Wonderful texturing detail and I think that the through the leaves camera shot works very well. I’d love to see a higher resolution version though!

I like the result, however it just doesn’t seem to have much of a punch or wow factor to it. Don’t get me wrong I would have a tough time creating that, but it seems to lacks something.

Really nice, i like this soft render…
Just one crit the texture on the head seems to be blurry, i don’t know if it’s because of the texture size or the depth of field, and too much symmetrical. And maybe a little more bright glossy reflection on the body would be nice…

Good work!

I feel like you stopped too soon with this scene; it has such amazing potential. If I were a mod I’d move it to the WIP section and make you keep working on it.

REally nice - I don’t like too much DOF, but overall this is really nice.

I don’t like this bug, but i like your pictures :slight_smile: .
Very Good work !