Macs and Navigating the 3D View

Mac users, which commands do you use to Navigate in the 3D View? Pan, Rotate and Scaling the view. Do you need to set the “Emulate 3 button Mouse” checkbox in the User Preferences?


i think you mean “emulate 3 button mouse”… although mine works fine with or without that toggled. also, i’m pretty sure the controls are the same on any OS. drag middle button/scroll wheel to rotate/tumble the view, shift+middle button/scroll wheel to pan, and scroll the scroll wheel to zoom (or +/- keys). you can also remap all those functions to whatever you want in the preferences under ‘input’

IMO you should ditch apple’s magic mouse and get a physical 3-button mouse. At that point being on a mac, pc, or linux box doesn’t really matter.