macth color correction for blender?

Of course tweaking is required but it would be kind of cool to plug a color style image in one side and get similar colors out the other. I did try to decompose color components… but I couldn’t get it to work and I gave up. By all means show me up. I just could not get my head around it.

all my friend!!

i wanted to thank particolar to 3pointEdit!! also ohter users!
sorry i was buss i work 32 hours (not sleep on bed) for problem with project video and dvd-authoring and kdenlive, when i add new thread here and after i was not read this because i was bussy 32 hours and back to home and bed and REST REST REST REST… now i back here to read all threads!!

i’m very very amanzing :eek: :eek:
3pointedit is crazy!!! i want to thank yuo for blend file!!! i cloudnt believe you!! thank you!!!
i download file blend and test it and to understand it for how work… but you are magical!!
but now i understand “automatic” is not for blender right but we (blender’s fan) use manually for match color…
dear i can ask you simple: 3pointedit you can create a tool base for automatic capture color or snap color from an image source or from a video source (but 1 frame for caputre color) i will pay to you 20 dollars or donation.
for tool cloud be “ADDONS” or internal blender with python?

tool will be base control: for now, to be simple “capture color rgb” or you find a solution near good and excellent result… like AE … not be crazy but can 80% good result ok?

for now i can study and to understand it (your blend file)

other i say thank you users to interessing… i ask you all users if you are interessing can to donation to 3pointedit or other user for to create a tool …

but i’m not programming code… i’m simple new user for blender ok?

i love blender but i need to study it ok?

i use kdenlive for correction color for video…
i have many video error color because my camcoder is shit!!! because my camcoder are not block color , it’s all automatically (white belence, spot meter automatic all all autmatic so i cant stop it…)
so i have big problem for video… then video were 14 videos… are different color…
i’m tired long time with kdenlive check my eyes but my eyes are tired… so i want to add thread here for help you if there is an automatic capture or snap color from an image source or a video source…

but after to finished with kdenlive… but kdenlive is very cool but long time for manually color : level rbg, gamma, constra, curve etc etc very set set preference, parameters… a lot … hours hours (6 hours for color) other hours for dvd-authring (other project for europrean common)

but for moment i was looking for “automatic” : there is for apple color, aftereffect, eyeon fusion, plug in for finalcutpro and AE … but they are dollars dollars… so i want to use with blender is free but i’m not ready to use video editing for my project european and museum roman national italy so i havent time free for test it… so i go away to finish this projects… for now i’m finisheeeedddd projectss!!!

for now i start to look for “AUTOMATIC” FOR BLENDER!!!


Sorry I don’t code but for something like this you can make a node group that can be appended to any .blend file. Also there is a script that will send VSE strips to the compositor and back again. Once in the compositor you simply add the node group to the shot you need.

Uh? What script!?

After re-reading this I think I’ve misunderstood what you were saying. I was referring to automatic value adjustments in the compositor to avoid clipping and obtain a full tonal spread from blacks to whites. I now realize you were referring to the actual color hue. I’m not sure how that can be achieved using nodes. The thing is that it really doens’t have to: one can use a node tree with the desired color looks and apply it to any image. Wouldn’t that be an equivalent?

Histogram matching, not really possible in blender but something like stick 3 levels histograms as output from each of the images set them to red green blue out using standard deviation to maths nodes subtract original rgb then add output from second image use a rgb combine node and preview.

Not really an answer but maybe a direction to head, works best if the second image is darker probably due to the maths but thats not a strong point of mine and no time to spend on it, a whole lot simpler to just learn basics of color balance, curves etc.

Manual intevention is a certain whatever.

Sadly it didn’t make it to addon status but it’s a cool little script to run from the text editor. Get version 3, it sends multiple strips to compositor!

Thanx, will definitely give it a try.
Too bad it didn’t turn into an add on. I wonder how much work that actually is considering that the main code functionality is there.

I thought that too, it seems to be a bit buggy with reports of errors but no show stoppers. You must be careful of strip name length, as new scenes have char limit restrictions. And make sure that the source VSE scene has the word Scene in the title.

And the devs suggests that they could not auto add nodes when making the new scene, but thats ok I just drop in my node groups and away I go.