Mad Caddy: Extreme Golf Carting *WIP

I decided to start this just for fun and to see if I could model a golf course and it turned out alright so far. Here are a few screens.

(Oh and yeah… There are only 5 holes on the course)

I just need to finish some buildings, add some trees, and detail a few things and work on some more textures and this should be good to go!

The course… More textures! Water didn’t show up in the quick render :frowning:

nice modeling man! good use of textures also! very good work! also is this a game?

No, it is just in the game engine forum, there is a screenshot and he said it was a game
(btw, the No was sarcasm)

no no no… like what’s the game? Is it Golf carting? like do u drive around for fun? trying to stay on paths. or like golf?

Well the way you said it “also is this a game?” kinda means exactly what it says Is this a game.
I think you ment, What type of game is this?

No, it is just in the game engine forum, there is a screenshot and he said it was a game
(btw, the No was sarcasm)

Hahah, that was brilliant :smiley:

It will be essentially off-road golf carting :stuck_out_tongue: if that makes any sense. It will be based at a country club and your job is to piss off the old people… Wreck their Beamers, Benzes and Rolls’, trash garbage cans, run over golfers, throw clubs… Once the course is done, some missions may be added just for fun.

The grass needs alot of work…

Yeah it does. I tiled it by face rather than UV mapping it, so it has lots of seams. Just didn’t have the time, but I’ll be sure to finish it up.

Awesome! I know usually people here don’t like when other people asking for help, unless you show you started it already. It definitely looks like you have started it. I’d consider helping, but if you want my help, I’m not going to treat it like a job, and will only work on it in my free time. It reminds me of Golf? ( The game is called “Golf”, at where you can also play around with using the turbo sauce stuff to drive off of jumps. Only difference is that you play golf, and don’t accomplish anything by driving. Anyway, to get back on topic, nice texturing and modelling. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to play!

now that looks fun! keep it… cant wait to play it so finish it please and realease a demo soon.

Alriiight… Demo when I finish a few more things!

Some more pics! I finished the cart and fixed up the course. The cart just needs some new wheels!

I disagree…

Anyways the pics at the beginning of the thread already look kind of promising, nice work :slight_smile:

Since its an offroad game, perhaps give it some big all terrain tires and maybe some truck-like suspension?