Mad Dog

I decided to go finish my old project after some time, so this is it :slight_smile:
I hope you like it :slight_smile:
Ohh… for you guys 3D bike model for Free! (if you like please follow my portfolio)
This great Hdri and backplate from my friend Paolo Messina’s HDRI store. Thanks Man!

1200x1649 resolution

for more please visitthis page.
old WIP thread

Thank you all!


Excellent composition! Very nice piece of work!:yes:

absolutely brilliant work

Fantastic!! 5 for me.

excellent work!!

Great render! But…what’s happening?

Does not looks like blender :\

Thank you so much Guys!
Owidude what do you mean wha’ts hapening? :slight_smile:
prashant0t4 What do you mean? :slight_smile:

btw if someone is interested here is old WIP thread

That’s a stunning render! :smiley: I love the little splash of colour on the generally B/W image. Did you do any post-pro? If yes, in which program?

Thank you! :slight_smile: Yes sure I did :slight_smile: I don’t now Blender composer very well, so I used Photoshop.

My god :open_mouth: this is so gorgeous

One of the most amazing work that I ever seen, I’m blown away. A Masterpiece. Does it render in cycles ?

I meant I didn’t understand the story of the picture…which doesn’t really matter, because it’s awesome.

Hot biker girl lighting a cigarette in new york.

Just so you guys know, Maciek’s work was also featured in CGSociety:

High five! :slight_smile:

  • Reyn


One of the most unique, captivating scenes I’ve seen on here in a while.

Keep up the incredible work.

Beautiful work on not only your models, but also your composition, ptaszek! Very high caliber work. The fact that you’ve been featured on CG Society is proof enough of that, as well as cause for further celebration!

Congratulations on seeing your project through to the end! Thanks as well for graciously allowing users free access to your .blend file. That is very generous of you!

Superb. Amazing work. Congrats!

stunning work! I cannot really find anything to say, I love the image!

Great work! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys so much :slight_smile: Yes it’s a Cycles renderer, most of passes ware rendered in 200% size in 1k samples, some of them just 512 samples. After months of working on every single polygon it’s very hard to still like the image, but I am really happy that you like it :slight_smile:
Sorry for not sharing the girl model, but I don’t like the mesh some parts are smoothed so I did not have to use displacement maps :stuck_out_tongue: