Mad duck hunt - Alpha 1 Demo


This is an small side-prodject that I have been working on for just a few days, It’s a hunting game made in blender an where only done for some testing but turned out to be quit entertaining

the goal in the game is to kill as Manny ducks as possible and then trade them for new cool stuffs/ammunition

the game can handle 100+ npc’s at the same time whit about 60 fps

this game is using allot of 2D/“fake”-3d elements in and where in the beginning only made for testing of this feature

feel free to try it out and plz give feed-back!

the file is an .rar an can be opened whit winrar/winzip…

download it HERE or use the link below:

as for now it is only an early alpha and is containing a shit-load off bugs, plz report them to me if you find them

features of the game:

* auto save/load system

  • handle allot of npc’s
  • a shit-load of bugs - plz report them as you find em’!


in the shop:

use the “mouse”

in the hunting-ground:

use “W,A,S,D” and “SPACE” to move around
use “I” to get back to the shop
use “left/right arrow” to adjust the mouse sensetivity
use “R” to reload your gun!

Good game.

-reload’s a bit slow
-You should make the text skippable
-speed up the player’s walk
-things are hard to select in the menu, cover the words with an invisible plane with box bounds.

Poor ducks =(

The text is skippable, just press “any-key”
thx for the rest of the feed back! I will try to improve it when I resume this prodject… :slight_smile: