Mad Inflate brush

I’m an absolute beginner with sculpting and recently I have achieved a human body for sculpting it. I have got in this last stage and I’m struggling to be honest because I’d want to give to my model more volume using Inflate/deflate brush – later I’d use Clay brush to give more volume to individual areas –unfortunately it doesn’t inflate the mesh but this brush irons/deform the model out. I have attached two screens to make it more clear. In the first one I used Inflate option, and in the second one I used Deflate option. What I don’t understand is Inflate/Deflate brush should “swell” the surface brush stroke along normals’ faces; so why , despite the normals are riots towards the outside, doesn’t it happen to me?? How can I figure this problem out ? To see if I was wrong, I added a cube subdivided in a different layer and it works so good! I have known it’s a problem of my model, but i don’t know what is! Thank you all! :frowning:

the first image - inflate mode

the second - deflate mode


it helps to use a subdevided plain to test brushes and see what they actually do.

In fact I have already done it and I have understood how use it! But I don’t know why the Inflate Brush doesn’t work in the right way!