Mad Max 240z

Hello all!

A little bit of a background, about two years ago, I created a stock 240z based off my dad’s old race car. It was for the Humster 3D competition. Recently a client commissioned me to do a crazy design of that car for a VR tech demo. Luckily he gave me a lot of freedom. So naturally I gravitated towards the Mad Max kind of style, mostly because the raw-ness of the car gives it much more personality. I am now in the process of baking the interior and polishing up the exterior. It will be displayed in the Unreal engine.

Of course critique and questions are welcome! :slight_smile:


Nice and clean. nothing more to say :slight_smile:

Very impressive! How long did it take? How many polygons is that?

Nice car. You have some pictures with this car in UE4?

I did the stock body of the car as a personal project, that took about 3 months. Then a client paid me to finish it, so I am about 2 and a half weeks on the mods and interior. Without Subsurf it is at 630,000 :slight_smile:

Thank you! Not yet, it will be in Unreal soon though.

Looks epic. Love to see some wireframe renders!

Oh man that looks awesome. Great work.

nice idea and proper work :slight_smile:

I will have to get a wire frame of the exterior when I finish it :D.

Thank you all for the compliments!

I finally got some parts in the Unreal Engine :smiley:

What a nice work man!

Thank you!

Also here are some updates, I got the seats in.