Mad Max inspired

Hello guys :slight_smile:

This is my last work.

It was inspired by the movie “Mad Max Thunderdome”.

The modeling is near finished but i’m not sure for the machinegun at the rear. May be a large arbalette could be better and much “movie like”.
What do you think ?

Next step:

Love the detail! Great work. I really am not feeling the Machinegun, though

Make it a flame thrower instead.

wow, very cool! What renderer did you use?

how did you detail the buttons in the middle?

Hum, i don’t know why but i have two thread for the same work, so, if a moderator can merge or delete this thread… :frowning: sorry…

Other guys, if you want to reply on my work, can you reply on this thread only please :o thank you.

I am realy sorry…


It is the internal render, one lamp + AO.

If you talk about the middle part of the reactor, it is the discombobulator script effect…

Yes, a flame thrower could be a great idea, i have to test that, thank.