Mad Max inspired...

Hello guys :slight_smile:

This is my last work.

It was inspired by the movie “Mad Max Thunderdome”.

The modeling is near finished but i’m not sure for the machinegun at the rear. May be a large arbalette could be better and much “movie like”.
What do you think ?

Next step:

  • finishing the buggy (adding some details by modeling or Bump texture)
  • polygon cleaning
  • Creation of the scene
  • texturing
  • lighting
  • make the better image that i can :smiley:

Any suggestions is greatly appreciate.


that’s one sweet ride :smiley:
I really enjoy the amount of detail already :slight_smile:

the machine-gun does needs more detail I think, it kind of looks misplaced now, but with some bolts and stuff it will blend in just nicely :slight_smile:

holy sh…, dude! this model looks sweet
can’t wait to see the buggy textured !!


Looks very good and real, but shouldn’t there be somekind of shields for protection, like that driver and gunner are kinda easy targets.

It is inspired by Mad Max… so there wouldn’t be shields.

It is set in the future in Australia where the world has pretty much destroyed itself and the everywhere is ran by bikers n people driving buggies n so on. And so there are a lot of custom type vehicles.

Very nice model. I don’t understand how the bullet tray works though – how can you tilt and swivel the gun? The large panel in the rear view could use some bevels as well. Superb job on the suspension.


Hrm… good point about the tray, unless the tray wasn’t solid, ie. cloth, but would that work? lol

Thanks for the comment guys :slight_smile:

Yes you right, GreyBeard, normaly the bullet tray could be articulated.

But anyway, i think that i will change the machinegun by an arbalette or a flamme thrower.


Great stuf man!

Wow! Good work!

Is that the internal renderer by the way? If so, you did a nice job of gaining a
clean output (if you used AO at all, that is?).

Yes, it’s the internal render, one lamp + AO, you right :cool:

Hi :slight_smile:

a small update:

I have just changed the machine-gun by a harpoon for whale… it is more in the style. It is not finished yet (the platform does not suit me).


Very nice model!

Good Design too!
I love it.