Mad Professor

This is the mad professor character for my short film. C & C’s are welcome :slight_smile:

The model consist of quads only and is reasonable in polycount (I think :rolleyes:), the head is 949 poly’s the jacket 1352 and the legs 664.

The model is almost done, I just need to add teeth and some eye brows. I’m not sure how i’ll be doing that, either use the fur or just model or texture it.

Concept Image:

very nice model. I love your style.
But the legs are a bit to short.

I agree with the leg situation but it is so hard to tell when it is a cartoony look. I think all in all it looks good. Keep up the good work. Maybe you could make him in a setting where he is throwing a cage at Pinky and the Brain!

The legs are very short, but I need them to be. He’s going to get a funny walk cycle :slight_smile:

I feel that I should speak up in support of the short legs, they really help lend the design that out of proportion cartoony look.

The only crit that comes to mind is that I think the nasal labial trough (or whatever the technical term for that is) is a bit too pinched and looks a little weird in the close up of the head.

As for the eyebrows, with a model of this style I would think that modeling them or even just texturing them onto the head would look better than fur.

The surgeons I used to work for always referred to it as the philtrum. Not sure what use an item of information like that is. And I never found out why the human face has it. :rolleyes:

Oh, I’ll find a use for it. I will just have to make sure I work it into a conversation soon.

Doctor Fred!!!

But where’s Edna… and Ed… And the tentacles?

Any how, nice job on the model, very cartoony like. Oh, shouldn’t that head mirror/lamp thing be more bowl like?

Good point, I think it should. I havent found any good reference for that.

This one is really nice! But i think that his lips seem a bit flat and should reach more into the interior of the mouth…

Can’t wait to see this one finished :wink:

I made some changes to the nose, and the legs are a bit longer. The reflector/lamp is hollow too. :slight_smile:

ToDo: I still need to make a good texture map for the head and the jacket.

first off thats very cool man, really swish style. but i have to agree with squire in that the legs do seem a bit smalla, or at least not in proportion, perhaps becasue of the hands whcih are very big, so what i would sugest (obviuosly its your modal and creation) but perhaps make the feet bigger so hes stays nice and short but looks a bit less top heavy.

The reflector looks much better now, though you cuold add a small lamp on the centre of it. And the sharp edeg above his upper lip could use a bit of softening.

I’m not really looking for realistic proportions for this character. The small legs large head and big hands are intentional. I did some artwork before I started modeling and I went with this for the final result.

I actually think it’s just a reflector not a lamp. It just reflects light from other light sources. I could we wrong though, but he would need to be plugged into a socket at all time for the light to work :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not too happy with the lip either, I’ll correct that one :slight_smile:

He kind of reminds me of Dr. Scratchnsniff from Animaniacs.

I made some changes to the lighting to get the high contrast black and white look of the olden days :slight_smile: I’m not sure if i’m going to texture the jacket now, the face still need a good texture though. I also changed the lip, its less pouting now.