Mad Professor's assistant - Igor

This is Igor, the assistant to the Mad Professor in my short film :smiley: He’s supposed to be black and white, the whole film will be.

I still need to tweek the shaders, at specially for the shoes. The UV maps are done so I will start painting the texture maps for the face and the torso. C&C’s are welcome :slight_smile:

haha he looks great il be looking forward to the short, his shoes look a bit funy thats all i can think of

Hello Igor, you look good! I would certainly like to see your movie when it comes out.

I am loving the eyes on this guy. And the lighting really gives it that old-horror-movie look that you seem to be going for. I was going to mention the shoe shaders, but you seem to have that covered so I will just keep my eyes out for further updates.

I have a perfect voice for him: Peter Lorre.
The mad scientist should have a Dr.Strangelove-esque voice.

simply, remarkable.

Thanks for the comments. I still need to give him some eyebrows. I havent been playing with the new hair particles yet, but I dont realy know how well this will deform with shape keys and armatures.

Keep him bold!

This is coming along nicely. His expression is quite nice too.