Mad Zombie

Mad Zombie is a 3rd person shooter. You come to work at the Holt and Henry research facility. One of the devices that are being researched there destroys brain cells. You must find it and turn it off and survive the zombies that try to attack you (they love brains).

hey that actually looks pretty good already love the style of textures! btw if you need any graphic work done then I’ll be happy to lend a hand :slight_smile:

looks good but i wouldnt make everything have bump maps or normal maps atleast not so plastic looking and also maybe change the textures so there not so clean cut. Kinda

You can turn off specularity on the doors to make it look better or just put a normal map on the door.

And I saw a bag thingy go through the floor. You could make the phyisics a little less of a pig and create a cube and make it match the bag(but only have 4 verticies), then make the bag a no-collision object and just parent it to the cube a make the cube have the rigid body and cube bounds. It’ll have cleaner collisions and not hurt the game engine as much.