Madame Absinth

Madame Absinthe – street scene

After some feedback I decided to work on the project little bit more (made adjustments to materials and lighting, prepared night rainy street scene.

Based on illustration by Jody Lee.
All, except smoke, is done in Blender. Very light postpro (curves, exposure).


Awesome! love the details!

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

I love it! Nice work. :+1:

I’m confused about the piece of fabric behind her in the first picture though. What is it? Is it meant to be part of her outfit?

Thanks, happy that you like it. I see the confusion as it isn’t turned on in clay render. Yes, it is part of the outfit - scarf tied around her waist, it is blown from síde with wind.

Oh I see. It’s a bit confusing because I can’t really see that shade of brown in the front part of her outfit (for example, around her waist, if it’s tied around it.