Maddening - lone mesh default 3dview grey --> light blue!?!

Hello and thanks for your attention/time!

So, been working through anvil modeling tutorial of Youtube.
2 Meshes here. The anvil is a light blue (or whatever it is, i have mild color blindness).
While the cylinder is normal grey.
Have been unable to fix the anvil-mesh’s appearance despite better part of an hour of trying every last bit of settings of every possible panel.
Even went through preferences>themes trying to set every color that looked like it to red and couldnt get it to change.
No idea what happened to it.
Have disabled all modifiers/etc, of course.
Nothing affects that color.

See attached screenshot.
Why is it not grey???

try to select your anvil, in edit mode, select all, and press ctrl n, if nothing happen, press T, ctrl n, there should be flip normal switch, try to tick it off and on.

CTRL+ N !!!
oh wow, i can breathe again
something so simple
I cannot thank enough
just wow