made a little something for all of you people that are tired of all this ui crap :P

i went through 3 versions of blender and a corrupt video player rendered it out 7 times… you better love it!

I don’t get it

Sleipnir broke a leg?

Thanks, Odin.

Sir, what is your email address so I can send you an invoice for wasting 11 seconds of my life? Iam not joking!

[email protected] XD

its the internet… you dont have too

umm wut…

Quite possibly that I have waited a hundred years for this.

Zannen, unfortunately I seem to be of the few to say thankyou. That was stupid in a good way.

so thanks.

It also reminded me of the time that my one year old (at the time) ‘taught’ me how to rotate the screen in windows by climbing onto the keyboard (I had to look up the fix after that), but then I did it to my wife and her confusion was, as they say, priceless.

No, I don’t understand it .

“Stupid in a good way” is usually good. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand it, was it just about rotating UI LOL. Explain.

internet mmmmm

A most fine potato-harvest indeed.

ok i think you have had enough internet

one does not simply have enough internet

that proves my point lol

I have this to say: wut.