Made a mesh which I can't apply a material to (.blend file included)

The .blend file included contains a single face made of four vertices which I just can’t seem to be able to apply a material to. That is, the material won’t render on the object - it will only be rendered using the default gray material.

If I delete the face and remake it, the material works just fine.

Unfortunately, the mesh was ripped from a larger model where I realized this problem only after doing quite a bit of work.

Could anyone suggest a solution for fixing the mesh, other than deleting all faces and remaking them?


possible_bug.blend (518 KB)

The plane has not been assigned the green wire material. It has been assigned the second material slot. You can check this by selecting the second material slot and in edit mode press the Select button to select the faces that use that material.
Either remove the two unused material slots or select the face and in the material panel select the green wire material and press the Assign button

Thanks for the quick response!

That’s odd, I thought I had applied the material. In any case, assigning the material doesn’t work. Here’s a screenshot:

Just to make sure - are you able to render that mesh with the green mesh material (or any other material apart from the default gray for that matter)?

Despite the name of the file, I’m pretty sure that this is not a bug in Blender, I’ve just done something terrible with my mesh. However, I’m not sure what it is.

Urgh. Fixed my problem. You were correct, the material was indeed not assigned.

I’m going to write this one down to lack of sleep.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: