Made a mess out of plane's mesh while trying to cut a hole through it

So, I’ve been working on a golf game using BGE and just noticed the golf ball I was using was obscenely large (~15cm). In shrinking it down, I realized I also needed to shrink the hole for the ball… and that’s where the trouble began. I admit my method for creating the hole in the first place was crude, using a few subdivisions and an attached cylinder, but it did work until now where the subdivisions are causing warped texture mapping (see attachment).

Have any of you any general ideas on how I could go about fixing this? I’d hate to delete the plane as its well built up in other areas.

Also, any thoughts on an easy way to create the hole through the plane to begin with? Seems like a common question and while I did find a couple tutorials on the subject, they were not well suited in this case.

Many thanks!

You can make the hole with the modifier boolean and when you wrap object to apply texture, in viewport Top, press U and select Project from view. Then in the UV image editor, you can open a new texture.

Thanks Chafari! I hate to be a bother and ask but would it be possible for you to post the sample .blend file for me to study? I’m afraid I am still a bit confused regarding the modifier and how it is used.

Much appreciated!

I grab two faces opposing all the time, and then do extrude, and then scale on axis with hole,

then I do extrude, then I do scale in line with the axis 0, remove doubles, delete face.


HolePunch.blend (478 KB)

When you modify the mesh, you need to adjust the UV-Map too.

I recommend to unwrap again.