Made a script to unwrap pipe-like meshes

As the title says, this is a script to unwrap meshes with a topology like pipes, tubes, hoses etc. I couldn’t find anything like this on the Web, so I decided to write my own.

This is not my first Blender script, but the first that I release to the public (under BSD licence). It’s written for 2.42. See here for some info and a download link: Pipe texturing script
Please give it a try, and any feedback, good or bad, is highly welcome.

Thanks. I will test this one out for sure.

excellent work!! - Iv been thinking of a few similar scripts for a while.
Maybe this script can be QA’d and included in 2.43 release.

I wrote a similar script to map curved sidewalks without texture distortion for a project we’re working on.

Id like to have a general grid Unwrap tool that can unwrap any mesh that has a grid topology…

Hopefully well be able to make some room for python unwrapping tools in the UV Calc menu soon also.