Made any animations, finished or unfinished? I will make a soundtrack for them.

I am a graduate in sound engineering, and I am looking to put together a sound design show reel. Sound show reels just bore employers without accompanying visuals, and do not demonstrate my ability to edit sound to picture.

Conversely, reels showcasing your animation skills work better with the added impact of some nice sound design. You would be welcome to put the finished work in your own show reel. Or maybe you have some footage you would like to have set to sound out of pure curiosity.

Of course, you will be fully credited for your work. I am looking to be a sound designer, not an animator. Also, the animation does not necessarily have to be pristine, for example it would not necessarily have to be textured. I am really just looking for a selection of brief clips of interesting things doing stuff that could potentially make cool sounds. An example would be a robot firing a weapon, a monster roaring, or even something more abstract would be fine. I can and will do music if appropriate, but I don’t want to be a composer so that would not be the focus.

Oh, and you can hear an example of my work here:

This was a University project. I made the video as well, and it was far more time consuming than the sound because I had to teach myself blender, seeing as my course was pure sound. I would have liked to have been able to spend much more time on the sound tbh, but I had a deadline to meet and ended up only having a week. This is why I need your footage to work to :slight_smile:


My name is Ivo Grigull, i just finished a 15 second animation clip and would be happy if you would add sound to it. Will send you the link via pm.

Ok, thanks Ivo.