Made Any Embarrassing Posts?

I’m asking this question because I’m wondering the above, how many members have made regrettable or embarrasssing posts, and how you have changed over time!

To start off, here’s my story…I have been on Blenderartists since 2005, and looking back, I have come a long way since my beginning. I actually used to be [somewhat] of a forum troll, it’s so scary looking back on my old posts. One in particular that I had no idea would bring me so much bad attention was the one on Python (just sift through and you’ll find it). I was mad that day at Blender when I wrote it, and I didn’t think it’d bring much attention, but it did and then there was this huge discussion over scripting languages and I got called some things and I left for several months. I’m not so active now as I was in the past, but since coming back, I may start re-posting my new game models, which are 100% Blender. Back to the regrettable post, I think it may have been a good thing, because towards the end of the 35-page thread, people started discussing how they could make the current system better, and also how Python is being used in other programs.

And this brings me back to my question: Did you used to be a forum troll? How have you grown? Made any embarrassing/blog-like posts that brought unwanted attention? Share your stories below! (I hope this thread won’t be another one to chalk up as embarrassing :o)

never made any embaressing posts on this forum because im new

i have gotten into those un-winnable arguments though

I am sure I had a bunch, but I don’t remember <— the benefit of having short memory.

I recall getting political on marijuana use when it wasn’t necessary :smiley: That would be pro-legalisation, I do live in Holland after all. ;)That was a bit embarrassing, not because I felt ashamed of what I was saying, but that I brought it up for very poor reasons and it was in bad taste considering the context. I did quickly erase the contents of my posts and apologised for being overzealous and inane, so I like to think I did enough damage control.

I can’t recall anything specific. But of the few threads I’ve started, there are a couple that have stupid excuses for 3D work in them. I used to suck at Blender. I still do, but I used to too.

(I stole that from a comedian. Can anyone name that person?)

probably most of us longer time registrants/posters have at least 1 or 2 of em(thats probably minimum)… :wink:

I always tend to make my posts neutral - My goal is to increase my post count for now! So far I’ve never flamed anyone or any topic . . .

especially since everyone knows that once u hit 10 thousand posts u get 500 dollars a free copy of blender

lol . . . cool - I’ll keep my free copy of blender, but give you the US$500.00.

When Cyborg Dragon thinks about this 20 years from now he’s going to cringe so much.

The only post which I might consider embarrassing was quite a while ago, here on off topic. I forget what we were arguing about, something political or religious, back when that was allowed. valarking said something about people being arrogant, and then I made this long-winded post about people not knowing how a car works, but using it anyway, or something. Then he came back with “I said arrogant, not ignorant.” (Don’t quote me on that.)

I still think it was pretty funny. That would be fun to dig up, but I’m too lazy to do it now.


When Cyborg Dragon thinks about this 20 years from now he’s going to cringe so much.

probably not, he will justify it to himself & his dragonlings.

ON topic, I have never ever made a bad post. well maybe a couple, ok a few, hmm, about ten, mmm, if I include the ones i deleted, about twenty, ah, ok all my posts are bad.

I’m afraid I can’t take the credit for that one. It was Alltaken. :

me make an embarrassing post?..
nah… not me…:smiley:

Aw. Sorry, dude. :frowning:


LOL No offense taken, it was a nice post, much better than many of mine.

very suspicious . . .

That time i got caught out in my red shorts…

^^ I definately want to hear about that one. ^^

I like the fact that if you read posts from four or five years ago, the mods and oldest users posted exactly the same crap they frown upon today.

That wasn’t any kind of insult btw.:slight_smile:

I just seem to notice my posts are usually the last ones in a thread… I hope it won’t happen to this thread too :eek:

As for troll stuff: I keep it in a jar… it’s a HUGE jar, sometimes the lid won’t fit anymore and then I rant, rave, an plainly relieve the pressure.

But I’ve had my fair bit of name calling too, trying to stay level headed isn’t always easy when having to post an answer to somebody who makes a hobby of misinterpreting your posts, and does not believe you when you explain what you meant and he’s off on his rant train… Other people (no names please) get ticked off, but ask the right questions to clear theyr mood, those are the people that are of great value, as most of the trolling is just due to somebody misunderstanding something, or refusing to accept different views (The Earth is FLAT, okay?!). As my dad often says: “Screaming arguments doesn’t make them any better, only louder”.

note to self: the jar is still full to the lid.