made in 5 minutes...

As a test with the raytracer of 2.32 i made this transparant S

well, I wanted to look at it but sadly can’t view windows media in linux

_____________ edit ____________

shiny, possibly a bit of refraction

pssst…mplayer will play anything :slight_smile:

WMV does suck harsh though.

Yeah damnit, download mplayer and all the codecs-stuff and you’ll be happy forever :slight_smile:

WMV - not in my computer, eventhough I’m a windows user. MPG or DivX it please.

Cool animation. Unfortunately you don’t see a lot of the raytracing effects. First the picture is to dark and second, the S IMHO is not transparent enough. And another IMHO: The S is not near enough the background text. Did you use refraction?

That’s pretty cool. Some more raytracing would be nice, like maybe the floor.

The sound works well too :smiley: