Made In Blender

Made in Blender.
YouTube Clip is Here O Vao Great Really


That’s fairly frightening.

Hi Blendital
Thanks for encourgement.

Nice animation!
Yet the girl looks like a doll. You should work more on the face expresions and body movement.

indeed. kind of weird psycho-doll. sister of chucky? (

I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic, but if you’re not, know that it wasn’t an insult. I should have said:

That’s fairly frightening:) (with a smiley face).

How long did it take you?

One week time.

cool! good start!
Are you looking to do animation with her? or was that just a test?
I would take video of a little girl walking and try to reproduce the feeling of it.
good job, let’s see more!

She was kinda scary. Maybe you should animate her torso to make her less mannequin-like, and skip the dress animation.

Nice model though. :slight_smile:

Thanks Cardinal4
don’t forget to see my 18 Flash clips on my home page
95% work is done in Blender rest 5% in some other softwares