Made it for fun

Well Started with Andrew Price’s Donuts on blender guru a year back and now made this but still a total noob and lots to learn but happy with the outcome :smile:


The image that inspired the scene (from Pinterest)


Hi ! Welcome on BA ! :slight_smile:

Well, that’s really nice !
The only thing which looks like some fake here is the wood material on the chair. The rest is pretty cool.

See you ++

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Thank you @tricotou yeah ill try to improve it’s just i suck at the texturing part :rofl:

Wow, very impressive.
I am new to blender and i am right now following Blender Guru’s tut as well.
I am also interested in what you did with blender, interior design stuffs.
Would you like to share some advice on the routine of making this, what other tut or book should i read?
i am so confused with the ability that blender can do, which make me kind of lost.
Really appreciate your help!

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Hey thank you @Bao_Richard
i’m also a beginner still have loads to learn and yes blender guru’s tutorials are really good for starting and also while you are doing those tutorials try tutor4u’s onces too they are really nice.

Mainly how i learned stuff was after doing those tutorials i made stuff that was in my head like swords,cups ,chair ,tables etc and the more you practice the lesser your mistakes will be.

Don’t straight away start huge projects like modeling cars or other complicated stuff just master the basics.

After you master the needed skills you can even redo some tutorials but this time you will do it alone lets say the blender guru’s Donuts tutorial.

I suck at giving advice but hope i could be some help and also remember blender is a playground so don’t be scared to experiment and you can use all the stuff you leaned onto making an interior.

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lighting setup?

Used a plane with an emission shader since the scene doesn’t have any fancy views so it actually kind of did the trick.

its really informative already, doing the basics and simple stuff is really important.
Appreciate your help!

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Glad I could be some help well you will be making these in no time trust me :smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Damn thanks mate :heart_eyes:

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