Made my first project, but can't export to MD2

Afterall, Blender supports one type of file that my game studio modeller (sucks) supports. MD2. Made my first project out of a side shot of a Kalashnikov. However, each time I try to export to MD2 I get this error:
Vertex UV not supported. Use Sticky UV.

Sticky UV is active, and all others deactivated. What is wrong? If there is a tutorial that covers this, please give me the link.

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Bump hehe… Tried to change scripts, nothing, tried to explore the UV thingy, same as nothing. Since the solutions can be what we less imagine, I’m installing Python right now.

ok, I officially give up. Gonna dedicate myself to picnics…

Are you doing the Sticky part right; you set your UVMap then goto F9 and click Sticky:Make then go back to F5, MapInput tab and set it to Stick.
You might also be the victim of the 2.41 Python Appi upgrade where some (small) problems (like ValueError) crop up but were OK in 2.40. Your best bet is to contact Ben (or whoever wrote the script) and show him your blend.


maybe I am part of that Python thing, since I went to the website and dled the latest Win version…

Yeah, Sticky in F9… …Check
Stick in F5/Map input…Check