Made roof tile generator with Geo nodes, feedback would be appreciated

I made fully procedural roof tile generator with Geo nodes.
There is an option for random tile rotation and scale, as well as procedural materials with cracks, dust and moss

here is a video showcase

Do you think this kind of work can be sold somewhere?
I’ve put it on turbosquid but no luck as of yet, maybe its too expansive, even though I did put a lot of time in it.
here is the link


This kind of work can definitely be sold, but TurboSquid has the better part of a quarter million Blender models up for sale. The 3D online marketplace world is very oversaturated, and it’ll take a while before you see any results. I would suggest also putting it on BlenderMarket, and if you’re really looking to make money, start running ads for it on Instagram or other places.


Thanks for the reply!
Yeah I saw that there are a tons of models for everything, thats why I wanted to stand out with procedural stuff, but yeah it will take time.

Glad that you think it can be sold.

And I saw that you need to apply to publish on BlenderMarket and I guess i was a bit scared to try, but I think ill give it a go.

Don’t worry, BlenderMarket is super welcoming and the application is just a formality, it’s an incredible place to sell :slight_smile: I make money every month from it and I’m sure you can too

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That’s awesome!
Would you give me link to check out your stuff on there?

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I should mention, I sell add-ons, so my situation may be a little different from yours, but I still think something like this will do well there :slight_smile:

This is me:

Let me show you my stats for the year so far, just to give you a ballpark idea of what traffic on BlenderMarket looks like. These might be a bit high compared to the average, since I have links to these products up on quite a few other places and sites, but hopefully it helps you out some.

Thank you so much for your help, I applied for the creator on BlenderMarket, hope to have some of my products there soon.
And your add-on’s are great, keep up the good work!

Another option is Gumroad, which is almost always one of the two places blender addons/files are sold. It’s cheaper and has a lower barrier, of entry, and nothing stops you from using both.
Another option is always, which has the lowest barrier of entry of all, and is genuinely a fantastic platform. It’s heavily gaming-centric, but plenty of people sell audio or graphics software there as well.


100%. @FrankSintara the more places you list it, the more views, impressions, and clicks you’ll get

Thanks for this, didn’t even know for those sites.
I’ll check it out right away.

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“I’ve put it on turbosquid but no luck as of yet,”

It’s a very niche product. Not many houses use tiles, and it’s pretty easy to get something generic created with one tile and an array modifier. Anyone that’s going to model their own house will model the roof too. Perhaps add a procedural house along with it?

I’m building a fully procedural humanoid generator, and I doubt I’ll ever be able to sell it, because of the extreme saturation of the market. I’ve put over 1000 hours into it, and will probably put a couple thousand more… and doubt it’ll sell. Labor of love. :slight_smile:

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How to say you’re American without saying you’re American :sweat_smile:


Yep that would do it… all our American houses use cheap, garbage shingles instead. It’s the American Dream, having to redo your roof every time the wind blows