"Made with Blender" keyboard (Apple Inspired)

Figured I would upload a keyboard I did.

It was rendered in Cycles at 2500 passes (although only a few hundred were really needed)

For the curious, it is based on curves, and incomplete in a few spots with regards to the decals. Not sure if I will ever “finish” it though until I can decide on a few things yet, like if I want it to be flat or more like the actual keyboard it was based off of.

Anyways, enjoy o/

“Light” Version

“Dark” Version

I really like the darker one. I wouldn’t mind seeing some different colored illumination.

I like it but it looks like the text is above the keys. Is it?
I just made a keyboard and modelled one key and just resized and positioned them where I needed them. Then I did project from view from above and exported the UV layout. Then in PS I labeled all the keys. Then I used that image as a mask to apply the letters to the keys in whatever color I wanted them.

It’s actually just a result of the material. The Glass shader gives it a rather neat looking drop shadow effect, but it is just a UV texture like usual. The actual texture is rather a mess though that was done from the original design I did a few years ago in blender internal. This was mostly just a revisit to make it “cycles”, so I didn’t bother touching the texture (SVG -> PNG, iirc).

poof :wink: