Madeup Car

this is actually the first piece I submit under WIP lol

anyway- Ive gotten to the part where I need to get onto the details, which Im not too confident with, so Ill probably leave it for a while and come back to it later

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can do the rubber strips around the windows that would be welcome :smiley: along with anyother C&C

PS. You can see the sketch Im working from in my gallery at DA

ehh nice start

as I never attempted to model a car I can’t give you help about …

just one things you’re perspective render is a bit too much distorted I think the 2 image on the top …can be difficult to really appreciate the proportion of the car in this case…

keep update :slight_smile:

Did some work on this today, added those rubber thingies around the windows, the space where the windsceen wippers go, made all the windowqs actually fit, and made the break disks for the wheels :smiley: (first time I actually got intersections and stuff too work the way i wanted in blender)

thanks for viewing, C&C will be appreciated

I would really appreciate any suggestions or references to sites that could help me figure out how to do the head and tail lights, also the tread on the tires.


looks like a good start, but there are a few things that need changed.

  1. the front does not have enough curvature, and imho is too tall on the lower body panel.

  2. the tire profile and wheels are a bit too small. try to open up the wheel well , and resize the tires and rims.

  3. the brakelights are on the side too much, they should be about 80& on the rear and 20% on the side.

other than that, good work :smiley:

i see what you mean about the taillights - dontknow why mine were on the side in the first place %|

Yes the wheels are a bit small. but I dont want to change the size of the tyrewells because they seem to fit well right now - just nto size-wise. Ill try and figure something out to make the wheels bigger though

I dont know about the vurvature- I think it looks more aggressive this way, which is what I was trying for


The support member that connects the roof to the hood along the side of the windsheild seems too rounded to me. I think it would be better off if you made it more flat.

However, the modeling overall is really good and its pretty cool you were able to pull it off without modeling directly from the shape of another vehicle. That being said this looks an awful lot like a Mercedes.

:frowning: im having some problems with the hood, when i seperate it from the body of the car, so as to have a realistic break betweent he hood and the body, the edges are no longer smooth like i wasnt them-
if it doesnt show try

on the left is when its one piece, nice and smooth, and on the right the hood’s been seperated, not very nice. This is probably because im using subsurfacing right.?

any suggestions anyone? please? :frowning:

Extrude the outer edges of hood a little, and it should be good.

well extruding makes the edges look smoother, but still, the hood meets the body at a sharp angle, not smooth like in the picture on the right

Just managed to get past the block of not knowing how to go on and put more work into this

just some more of new detail-
colour coded diff materials
put headlights in
seperated hood and trunk
put in tailights ( i think the indicator looks odd… does it?

If anyone has any suggestion as to how i could do the indicators (front or rear) any better that would be appreciated
if it doesnt show try

I still want to add wing mirrors, door handles and widscreen wippers,
then i can begin to play with materials and lighting-
Im probbly just going to make the windows really shinny so u cant see the inside lol


just a quick material test to get the general idea of how things are gonna look all finished and all