[MadMachineStudios] [RECRUITING] [Modeler] [$$$]

Welcome To MadMachineStudios!

                                We are a newly started Game Making Studio that wants to grow in the industrie.
                                We live all over the world so everybody is welcome.      
                                We are a small team of programers, level designers. 
                                We split the earnings after each project succesfully made. 
                                We work at our one pace but like to have deadlines.
                                We Respect private life.
                                We work Online.

At the moment we are looking for a programer that knows what he/she is doing and can follow a schedule and make high quality 3D assets on a given amount of time, but here at MadMachineStudios we respect our employes private life and we dont want to stress. Life goes first, Game making goes second.
The work is payed of what we earn on the game and all the earning are split equaly. and some of it will be invested into future projects.
You must…

  • …know how to use Blender

  • …be making quality assets

  • …be willing to invest some time into the project

  • …be able to work in a team, we use SourceTree and BitBucket, if you are familiar with it, its a huge +

  • …have Skype for easier communication

  • …respect each other

  • …use common sense


My email is: [email protected] and i will usually respond in 24 hours, i check it often.
Dont forget that you must be able to write english well to be able to communicate with us.
Also, make sure to post your Portfolio into your mail if you have one, or just some pictures of recent work.
(Sorry for my bad english, im from Sweden)
I Hope You Find This Interesting and apply!