Madonna of the Wastelands

Hi everyone, I’m new to Blender and this forum so I shall say hello to all the artists on here, hello!

So this is a piece I finished last night and set to print this morning. I’ve been really surprised by how good Blender is and I plan to continue to use it for future projects.

Compositing was done in Photoshop with many many layers of tweaks and colour corrections.

Some detailed renders can be seen here:

Hope you like this piece, let me know what you think!


what a strange image!

I like it :slight_smile:

Thank you MmAaXx!

Strange is a good word for it lol I’m not sure what i feel when i look at it, very artistic!! lol but the image its self looks amazing :slight_smile: detail is very good, what did you do before if you don’t mind me saying. you maybe new to blender, but I can see your not new to 3D!!! lol

I have a degree in 3d animation so I was initially trained in XSI but I also taught myself Maya and now Blender :wink:

good choice! :smiley:

very good start.
It looks like a surrealistic paint - these undefined flowing form fading into new objects.
Only the colors on the baby’s head need a bit of improvement - otherwise very cool image:ba:

I agree, more, morei more, more! :smiley:

I’m having trouble seeing the Madonna connection here, but that does not get in the way of enjoying this piece very much! Nice work :slight_smile:

Disturbing in a good way. If I may venture one criticism, for me the horizon is too straight and clean. I feel that it works against the perspective. Maybe you should fade it into the sky a little, not quite so straight?

Awesome job : looks like a painting!
My only crit = the fact that the horizon is smack in the middle and that somehow doesn’t work for me but that’s maybe just a personal preference …

Thanks guys, it’s funny actually cause I did have some debates over the horizon line. I also tried putting mountains in the background and also tried to integrate the Madonna of the Meadow by Raphael environment into it somehow but it didn’t work. I preferred the perfect flat ground look as I think it adds to the bleakness and the surrealism of the piece. I will try fading the edge and lowering the horizon line to see how it looks. Thanks for the crit :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info I new there was more to it lol your are very good, one thing I don’t get is the message if any, am I right in saying your trying to communicate a mood or is it all about being bizarre lol

Thanks jjjjason, yes there is a message behind this but I prefer not to tell people. I think it’s better to let people take what they want from it. I know that might sound like a lame cop out but I think it’s better to say as little as possible. I’ve explained work in the past to people and I always kind of regret saying anything as words can’t really do it justice, you just have to make sense of it as you like.

It’s ok not to understand something, it’s ok to be unsure how you feel when you look at art. If you feel uncomfortable then it’s sparking an emotion from somewhere. The worse possible thing you can feel from art is nothing at all.

For me I really feel that mainstream media dumbs itself down far too much for fear of upsetting one individual or confusing people. I find this quite insulting to the audience not to challenge peoples intelligence more. Of course this is because it is a product and money driven. The more money you spend on a film the less risk you take. The more people you alienate the less profit you make. It is utterly ridiculous that any movie should cost half a billion dollars to make. But I also understand there is a place for commercial art, people have to eat and pay the bills.

If you look at my website you will see a few classical paintings. For me this was a period of traditional training. Throughout university I made images similar to this but they lacked a decent level of technical ability. I wanted to go through a period of learning to paint and studying from life so that I could become a better artist and do my ideas justice.

I have just recently started going back to my old self again focussing on more original imagery. I have many ideas in my head or written down for future projects both still images and animations so expect to see more from me soon.

These images will either start with a concept or an idea I want to convey like this one (although it’s maybe not that clear!) and some will be more sub conscious and will just come to me from somewhere deep in the dark recesses of my mind. For me it should be a combination of technical ability and originality. On one extreme you have sheer technical exercise and on the other you have pure concept with no technical execution e.g. throwing some bricks on the floor and calling it the chaos of the universe. For me it has to be a balance of both and hopefully I am doing an ok job.

Very very nice. Ill like the dark psychedelic style of this work (and other works seen on youre blogspot)

Thank you Aleideka! I just tried to access your page but it doesn’t seem to be working. Does Pov-Ray work with the latest Blender? I read into it briefly but I haven’t really tried it.

hm ive got to take that url out of my signature, seems the windows live spaces are down now, take a look to my deviantart page instead :slight_smile:
Just joined Devianart though, still not much on there.
Aboud POV-Ray, ill think it does. But hounestly i don’t know. Ive started my 3D experience back in the day with POV-Ray before ive learned aboud Blender. Never used them together. I know POV-Ray works with previous versions of Blender. But don’t know for sure aboud Blender 2.5

Cool bacteria styled creatures. Would be great to see this animated.

Well said!!! I’m open to that.

Well, its in fact a 3 piece serie i’m working on. Working on the 2e piece right now. And that 2e piece will probably be animated because they asked me to make some visuals for displaying on a big screen on a party in 2 months. They were eager to see that 2e piece animated on there screen. So probebly later on you see it animated :slight_smile: