Madonna's new song is *crap*

I like Madonna, especially the songs from the 80’s but this new one sounds like a cheap soundtrack used in the old Godzilla movies.

Has anyone heard this yet? I don’t know the name of it yet, but I am sure once you hear it, you’ll know what i am talking about.

yup, I’ve heard it. To be honest it isn’t that bad. It’s certainly not one of her best, but it isn’t mindblowingly awful either. What struck me is the kylie influence in both the song and the video…watch the section where she is walking down the road wearing the black leather jacket and jeans, it looks almost identical to the latest kylie vid where she’s really tall and wearing that skintight catsuit.

How old is Madonna now??? Like 60.

nup 47

do you mean ‘Hung up’ ?

if so, i kinda like it, now its nothing compared to things like , ‘Thin lizzy’, ‘QUEEN!!! (wooo :x )’ , ‘ACDC’. In other words, its not a good ol’ ROCK ‘n’ ROLL anthem, but its not terrible.

Gee, I thought se sucked…period.


Dittohead: Now that’s quote worthy!