Mafia gangster

Hi everybody!
this is my another 3d work in blender "mafia gangster!"and I think “mafia I” game had an impact in the creation of this work. However i render this one in cycles render engine.
samples : 400
I hope you like this;)


great style and topology :slight_smile:
i also like the lighting. Great mood.

Only thinks i would maybe change are that one can not see his right eye. also the bumpmap on the skin is maybe a bit strong.
other than that great work

Great character story telling!

This is awesome man. But yes the bump map is maybe a little bit too strong

First of all, thank you
I think it’s because I do not have much experience with cycles render engine (My computer is too old for cycles!:() and Sometimes I would use it.
Yes I agree. Thanks for your complaints.:yes:

CammyB96 & Ride the flow
Thank you so much:)

in blender

I love the stylized character. Good work.

Looks great :smiley:

gavicusrex & Nathan.Ferguson

I love it! Absolutely brilliant. lighting is awesome, modelling is good, texturing is also nice. I love it!

Dude, this is brilliant! the texturing is really good and the lighting is great. But i think you may want to have the eyes stand out abit more. i could barely see the pupils. Other than that great job!

andrewsunarko & Guss
Thanks a lot!:slight_smile:
Maybe because I want to be a mysterious character!:RocknRoll: