mafia scene

Made this with the Weekly CG contest on facebook. There are still little things I might go back and do later, but for now I am moving on. Lighting is a struggle for me and much of the time was spent trying to get the lighting to work, and I am still unhappy with it. But anyways, I am over the next year try to improve better this year, and so will try to post more publicly here in that vein.

Why am I think that it is much more like a painting?

What contest group? I’d like to join.

@foxrender for whatever reason two of mine have come out like that so far. compositing and post processing I’m guessing. I tweaked the colors a bit, to try to lighten it up, and also put it in film sort of picture which has that affect. and I put it in a grunge map over it in gimp to give it some texture.

@MorpheusArch Their webpage where they have weekly contests The info about rules, etc.
I really like that they are doing it, it’s good practice.