Mag Ball Racer. Nearly an F1 project.

As said, small project for a break from all my other current projects.


Not too far into the future, a new type of racer has been created. Distantly derived from the sport of dune racing in the Sahara desert, these Mag Ball racers are propelled using a magnetic field generated by dynamos powered by V10 8 litre petrol engines.

The main cockpit and body of the racers, encloses the top section of the Mag Ball. Due to the shape of the ball, a high degree of movement can be obtained to tilt the vehicle in the same manner one rides a motorbike.

Click link to view.

Hope you like,


Looks good, great color as usual. Cockpit could use more detail. How did you get your motion blur?

And again, you put me to shame. Great work.


Wow. I LOVE that material you have on the body. It’s on your boxx entry as well, right?

Top notch work.


Cheated, used a selection mask in Photoshop, then motion blur linear for the ground and radial blur for the ball.

Dante and Block01cube thanks and yeah same material as the mining droid.


Great idea and execution of design, Sonix, and as always I admire your use of colors and attention to details.


looks neat

Great work sonix! I love the shaders and the general design.