Magdar the dwarf

So this is my latest finished project, it came up quite good though Im not 100% satisfied with it, but I just lost my intrest in it so here it is…

the final picture

and original render…

thanks, -deadend

its got a very eerie feel to it :smiley: but the light of the dwarf doesnt match the background lighting

Ive been watching this project a while(wondered where it went), it looks great, nice job with the smoke from the pipe.
Looks good without those fairys


Very cool work. Love the style.

Axe is a bit too clean though. Yes you have some scrapes and scratches on it. But it still lacks the used feel.


Thanks for comments champs :smiley:

@simbadinuk: Well I played quite a lot with lightning and yes it still isn’t the best possible, but overall I didn’t want to make it too blue.
And the campfire glow that’s supposed to light the dwarf a bit from the front kind of faded away in the post pro (though it hardly is visible in the original render either)
I didn’t even notice that until now…

@free_ality: thanks dude :slight_smile: I was so close on quitting this project also (like many other projects that are collecting dust somewhere in my hard-drive), mainly cos I rendered my ass off trying to tweak all the little things into place and I got frustrated.
Then I decided to take a little brake and continue and I got enough spirit to somehow complete this one :slight_smile:

@BgDM: Thanks :smiley: I tried lots of different textures and shaders for the axe and I wasn’t too happy about them. Then I tried the tangent reflection and it seemed quite ok so I chose that on, but at the same time I lost some of the colormaps intensity and detail…
Like I already mentioned, i got tired to this project so some little things are a bit half way but Im ok with that…

Wow. Awesome textures and materials! Nice model too. The overall image has a really nice feel to it, but I think some more post-processing would be needed to make it look as if it was part of the background.


I still don’t like the smoke you got there. Here’ssome pretty cool Blender smoke effetcs.

But anyway, I love the pic. Great job on texturing and modeling. Greta character.

Very nice. I’d have to say tho that I find colors a lot more interesting on the original render, better atmosphere. It’s too saturated maybe, the red seems to loose its importance because of the blue background. The whole pic seems to be a balanced toward a more blueish/pinkish tint which causes some problem with the color of the light he was lit with. It worked better in the original because you could think the light was coming from a fire.

That’s just minor stuff tho, anyway it’s problaly not making much sense with my bad english. Great modeling, nice work.

thanks for comments everyone! :slight_smile:

@hippie: well the problem with that smoke was that the halo based materials didnt seem to work with the particle beard, so I had to paint the smoke in post pro and Im not too good at that :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

@nifrek: well the picture is very saturated cos I wanted it to have a kind of mystical and fairytale kind of feel :smiley: but the color balance seems to be drifted a bit too red and so it doesnt completely fit with the background…


Well you could render the particle smoke seperately and add that in post pro…

That man is just awesome, i have no complaints to him!!! i just really loved him… in fact it is one of the best projects i’ve ever seen! Congrats!

Love it. I know the texturing problems with the axe have been mentioned, so I’ll just say, the modelling is great and the materials on the guy are crisp and sharp and beautifully detailed. Great.

thanks everyone again for great comments :smiley:

@hippie: yeah, I also thought about that and also if I could compile the smoke with nodes, but like I said I got frustrated with this and so I just painted the smoke the best way I could…