Magellan - Deep Space Explorer

This is the result of my latest project. Some of you have already followed my WIP-Thread (link). I’d like to thank all the people that commented on my progress and gave me good advice.

Looks cool… It looks a bit plastic and you got an odd composition, but overall… nice :slight_smile:

5stars! i hope to see this in the gallery soon

Thats fun, I like your vision, the sense of a story, I looked at this one for a while, thank you for sharing it :slight_smile: … as to the textures being too plastic I can see the point there but at the same time I have no idea what the materials science would be like in the future you have created heh, I mean if nano-bots made it could like anything etc, but there is clearly a expectation that ships look more metal or matte then plastic I guess, coming from Scifi movies mostly imo, think about how the shuttle looks for example, its 1/2 ceramic even.

Really the only problem I have with it is that I suspect it that travling in hyperspace is going require some fairly limited geometries. But again, who knows, which makes these renders fun for me :slight_smile:

Beatiful and funky. Detailed and simple.

I love it, you prove once again that you are the master of spaceships.

What method did you use for the trail effect? Its exceleent.

Nice, though I was not aware that hurricanes occasionally produced space ships.
Really, that’s the only thing that struck me right away. Other than that, excellent. Really good sense of scale, subtle colour range, and I love the trail effect.

I love this picture, especially the glow around the edges. The top looks a bit simple compared to the bottom, but overall, i like it :smiley:

Awesome! :slight_smile:

The composition is very nice, and i personally really like the ‘warp’ cloud its coming out of. Looks like its been twisting the fabric of space as it exits.

Nice ship as well. Zero crits!

Very very nice :slight_smile: Love how you improved the warp effect!

sweet! nice job getting on the banner :slight_smile: this looks a lot like eve online have you ever played that? i think you would love it

Very nice render!! Glad to see this project done! Congrats on the Header image of the forum dude!

:cool:cool is so hard WOW good modiling and good job

wow very nice

Thank you for getting the banner!(that cheese guy was getting a bit old)

forum banner…COOL :cool:

I don’t know that game. As a mac user I’m not very much into gaming and such stuff.

I started with the rendered image of the vessel. Then I used GIMP’s “smudge-tool” to create the base for the trail. After that I copied the layer with the trail several times and played around with the layer modes and colors. Overall it’s a trial and error process

I don’t know that game. As a mac user I’m not very much into gaming and such stuff.
Eve online is for mac too, but I understand where your comin’ from. I got it and could never get into it.

Great image, I could sit down and criticize it; however, I would probably be overstepping my bounds. It’s too good to worry about problems now (in other words).


Cool, yap that`s Deep Space Explorer o-right!
WIP-Thread you say, how that pass by me?!
it has a really nice deep feel in Space.
I rate.

The spaceship looks good, it also looks like you did a good job with the setup of high powered blue lights that make the glowey look and I assume the warp was done with very good use of particles.:wink:

Wow, nice to see this as the banner. I prefer it over the past banner.

I got it but forced myself not to play it, to addictive, and i could see that it would take over my study time for Uni, anyway I already spend enough time doing my Blender stuff.

very nice work