Mage's Study

Here is my submission for the CGBOOST “Magic Book” challenge. For this one I decided to go with a highly stylized look, with some realistic textures. This was my first time making my own image textures, which I did for all of the fabrics and the ivy leaves.
For the rest of the materials I added a geometry node with the pointiness slot plugged into a color ramp to give everything a small outline in order to achieve a weathered look. I’m terrible at texture painting, so this was a very useful tool for having this stylized look.
All of the assets and textures were made by me in Blender. The image was rendered in cycles with 5000 samples.
This was my first time trying out a handful of techniques, so please tell me what you think!!

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Final Render

Clay Render

Character Fly Around

Some Furniture

Some more Furniture




Looks great,only CC is that the character eyes are too dark,missing the white part in the eyes.

Thank you! I tried with smaller irises but it just didn’t look right for some reason. I think I gotta figure out a better way to do eyes for stylized characters, cause for some reason they always look too small or too big.
Thanks for the criticism!

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