Maggini 1630 Violin

Just a small project of mine as I’m staying with some friends who are in a violin school for crafting. I took some pictures of reference sheets, some of which were rare. I decided to make the Maggini. Here’s where I’m at so far.

UPDATE: 08.12.2020

You ain’t seen a thread revival like this, I tell you! So we’re what, 6 years later and not much further. After refocusing my efforts on Cloud Administration, my modelling career somewhat abruptly ended. Well, I found the files for the violin and a sudden burst of creativity, so instead of starting something new I’ve decided to try and finish this off.

Starting from where I left off, I started working on the violin scroll, see OP for the latest images.

Updates to come…

Great work… keep it up… can’t wait to see your progress. I know the feeling of interruptions for long periods of time, Glad to see someone letting us know. Until later…