Magic Bullet 2

Hi all,

Some of you may remember my first rendering of Magic Bullet, I made a new one with a different point of view, much more close up. The previous one was made with yafray, this one has been rendered with Yaf(a)ray.

Modeller : Blender
Rendering : Yaf(a)ray 175
Rendering info :
Light mode : HDRI only
Method : Path Tracing
AA : 2 Passes x 20 samples x 3 inc
Time : 55 hours in 1600x1200 resolution on a core 2 duo 2.66

High resolution :

great work …(i would take one of these)

Nice! Almost photo realistic. keep it up!

How is that almost photo realistic? It IS photo realistic :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work right down to the edges of the box.
I think you have used just the right amount of blur also.
Wonderful use of lighting.
Well Done!

I love your renders. All of them !

Keep it up.


I love the concept. I showed several people and told them they were packets you could buy in russia. they all believed me and thought i was joking when i said it was made in Blender

It also gives a new meaning to Biting the bullet =P

wow great! dof is coming too strong on the right side IMO but otherwise it is very realistic.
55hours?! o, man…

Ah, yeah…I remember. I like this one even more than the old one, to be honest. Quite realistic, only the bullet itself seems a litte off - maybe too reflective. Nevertheless, wonderful job on the package and the plastic thing holding the bullets.

I’m just curious but why did it need so long to render? Did you use extremely high quality settings (I’m not that familiar with yafaray yet)? Or is it only your computer?

Nice! Totally realistic looking.
Good job.

I like the new table. Oh and you’re not faking me. I know this is a photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing image, how many poligons do you have in this scene? The modeling details are incredibles.

Thanks to all,

I used a core 2 duo at 3.2Gh for the rendering. The huge time is due to the fact that the image has been calculated at 1600x1200 with high settings, anyway pathtracing in Yafaray is a very long process as it uses all the objects in the scene to participate in light calculation. Direct lighting is less havy but produces a much more flat result.

@Cubedude04: Haha, fun.

@anfeo: There are about 150000 poly, the textures increase the details

Absolutely perfect! It’s photo realistic and the level of detail is incredible!

Awesome work yet again enricoceric!
Love your stuff…

That is so awesome. My jaw dropped when I saw it, literally. I would have guessed you were using Indigo or something like that, I didn’t know Yafray could pull this off. Great work! I think it’s a damn masterpiece:yes:

Where can you buy these pills?
“Neo, take red or blue pill.” - “Morpheus, take my grey one” - bang bang

five stars
very realistic.

Dude, that is awsome! I seriously can’t tell that it isn’t real. Any chances of giving out the .blend file?
5 stars! *****

Amazing! It’s the greatest work I’v ever seen. As everyone said, it’s a photo. The materials are totally quite nice and I didn’t know we could make such a realistic render with Blender and Yaf(a)ray. You are really talented to make the settings for materials, lighting and everything. I really want to know what kind of HDR image you used for this and how you make the setups.

Thanks again to all,

To those interrested here is a higher resolution version (1600x1200)

Like some other said:
Is this really Blender?
Nah, noitis, superb.
If this ain’t make it to the Official Blender Gallery then I’m going to shoot Ton (nah also not really).