Magic Cube Animation

Hi there… I’m needing to do an animation of a magic cube… which is one of those convention toys that unfold and fold back together with different images on the outside. I’m wondering how I should go about animating it? I constructed the whole cube out of 8 smaller cubes that are sitting together. I’ve started creating empties for different pivot points, but it’s starting to get confusing (a smaller cube may rotate on one axis sometimes, but on another at other times on a different edge), and I’m wondering if this is a good approach, as I’m afraid I’ve screwed up the hierarchies.

Can anyone provide any input on this?

Thanks for any help!

i don’t think empties are necessary. just make an action for every possible rotation. Like, rotation “A, B, C, D,” or so on. Do that for just one cube, then duplicate that cube 7 times so that each cube has the same actions. Then when it’s time to animate, you can just place the action where it needs to go in the NLA for each cube. Sounds like you may be making it more complicated than it is.

Okay… but if the rotational pivot point changes per cube, can you still just use Actions? In other words, these cubes might rotate on one edge on part of the animation, but then rotate around a different edge later on.