magic eye playground

Here i found a post very interesting as i wanted to try this feature some week ago. Did you remember the magic eye image? these books was the first 3d stuff i managed to explore. An now you can do these image even with your wip or your finished project. here is the post with the free prog:
i don’t know if there is a sequence plugin for this(it should) anyway i did some funny things with it, and for the first time i think, an animation of magic eye!
look at the pack i’v made.
i can see it in a sec on fullscreen, but i’m skilled, if you have some problem or if you don’t even know what is these tilled images (??) try to see the wall behind your screen and focus a virtual spot, move you focus point until you got a clear view, your view is supose to be doubled and the left image is suppose to match with the right image (focus).
for the animation, i’v only did 1 sec of it cause i did it by hand(pain, it’s too long) and the effect is diffucult to see cause of the modif on the mozaic image. but nice to see something after all.
can you do better?

You can create this effect directly into Blender with a sequence plugin called stereogram :wink:


i was sure! cool

Cool. I’m glad that someone found that useful.
I don’t think that the plug-in is the same thing. It just makes a bunch of noise. This program can use patterns.