Magic Fluids: When are they coming?

Does anyone know when the magic fluids shown in this video will be implemented? Are there any concrete plans, or is it still a generic ‘in the future’ kind of thing?

Funny you should mention that.

I was wondering exactly the same thing when I was walking back from lectures today. It looked so cool and would actually have been useful for me and seems to have vanished off the map.


that is a very very impressive video!

These simulations are using particles. Once the fluid simulator can use particles, doing things like waterfalls etc should be possible as well, whereas with the current fluid simulator it would take too much ram. I cant wait to see a particle based simulator as an option.

These simulations are using particles.

Hmm… I was pretty sure that this was done in Blender by n_t as an extension of the LBM (Lattice Boltzmann Method) solver he coded for us. Having written a simple LBM solver myself, I can assure you that an LBM solver isn’t a particle based algorithm.

Of course, I could be wrong if you have some evidence to show me. :wink:


2.5 see release log

2.5 has a release log despite not being anywhere near release yet?
Do you mean a planned feature list?

Anyhow, those four words of yours (RogerWickes) might have been useful/interesting had you provided a link. As it stands you are tantalising us with something we would probably have checked if we knew where to find it!



I’m kind of wondering where to go, too.:confused:

i was sorta serious: and sorta kidding. I mean, like Jashahkta’s hair, it’s working NOW in a custom build, so you can use that build, but as far as being incorporated in the generic release, I think it’s safe to assume that once the particle rewrite is stable, it will go in. I was kiddding, because at 2.43 and a release every 6 months, 2.5 is about 3 years off. So, on a more serious note, 2.44 which should be this summer.

If you watch the clip from the first post, the second part is titled “Fluid control generation with control particles”, thats the part Im talking about. Sorry, misread it, but I still think it would be sweet.

I was kiddding, because at 2.43 and a release every 6 months, 2.5 is about 3 years off

Ah! Had it not been for all the talk of jumping to version 2.5 in the next release, I would have got the joke! Apparently, if Blender improves enough between releases, it can skip version numbers.

Anyway, I would be happy if Magic fluids made it into the next release (ie 2.44, 2.5 or whatever they call it).


I think, but i am not positive, that the programmers will accept bribes and other graft (gifts, jolt cola, pleasant emails, posts to this forum extolling their wizardry) to work harder…keep in mind this is all freely supplied…so motivation comes a little harder. Try contacting the fluid programmer directly and expressing yourself.

I know I’d accept bribes to work on something special. They’d have to be big, though, because my day job pays pretty well.

  • Trying to be funny, be it didn’t come out right. See apology below.

oh geez harkyman, i was trying to get him started off easy and small, and there you go jumping in with both feet and getting all greedy right off the bat and now he’s probably scared off and won’t say boo to us. if you’re gonna go bragging about how much money you make, stay in your harkycave :wink: we don’t want to hear it cause we’re all poor.

we don’t want to hear it cause we’re all poor.
Yeah harkyman - I’m a student! :wink:

I might contact n_t to ask how it is going.


Sorry guys – reading my post again, I didn’t realize how it sounded. My intent was joking and that didn’t come across. I really wasn’t trying to be a snot. I hate when people edit posts to cover up that they were being a dork, so I’ll leave it.

In reality, I’d accept even a small bribe to focus on a certain feature for a couple of days.

heh…well, I don’t know about anyone else, but that clearly sounded like a joke to me :eyebrowlift2:

Lighten up people.

The thought hadn’t crossed my mind that you weren’t joking. Sanity is still with me, it seems.

Personally I read every post after harkyman’s first one in a humorous light. Sarcasm and other nuances don’t work on the internet.


Sarcasm and other nuances don’t work on the internet.
Of course they do. All you have to do is write :

  • Sarcastic statement * + #controversial sentence# + sago smiley

Let’s try a higlys sarcastic answer :

  • Sarcastic * “Of course, #non Blender 3D package# is so much more powerful than Blender!” :smiley:

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The liquid guided by mesh is indeed a truly impressive thing. I hope they implement something that allow an armature deformed mesh to serve as guide too…
:slight_smile: Doing a water or fire elemental would be within reach of my oily and sweaty blenderheads palms…