Magic houses

Just for fun:

Will you enter ?


vimeo making of: coming soon…

I’m a big fan of that box shaped house, but I want mine with horizontal walls and vertical floors. Can you make some more of them, a whole city maybe?

No, vertical walls and horizontal floors… I never learn these words…

It looks nice, needs more of the bright sections looking like they emit light.

Watch out though, some people will come and say it’s 5 minute models of extruded primitives.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Of course they are primitives, but a lot of better image than mine are based on primitives :slight_smile:

For the colors, I made something with Gimp wich I liked…

Updates soon, maybe tomorrow because I need more sleep :slight_smile:

Dude this is just a five minute doodle of extruded primatives!

Lol, nice stuff I like the mood to the image, although it seems a little dark, perhaps that’s the mood you were intending, I like it though, really brings your eyes to it, hard to tear them away!

Keep up the good work,

they remind me the film “the cube”… scaring.
What renderer do you used?

That’s Indigo!
Nice job, I like it.


No, it’s Yaf(a)ray, and I’m rendering an image since 4hours and I’ve the half of the image :spin:

So I’ll post the final render this afternoon :slight_smile:

they remind me the film “the cube”

Oh, yes, :slight_smile: but rooms a bit more complex in Cube

Someone one was up to something!
this is not all from weilyn
the render have a nice feel of the 1996 PC`s day and in the same to not old looking…

Maybe this image could seems to an image I don’t know the existence, but, I’m sure that’s all my production, no python script. I’ve got a video wich prove it :slight_smile: But it weight ~88Mo.

edit: the video (~88Mo)

making of on vimeo :slight_smile:

How did you make those faces glow? :spin:

Nice render btw! Must be hard to stand in those houses though. :slight_smile:

Ah, the yafray export 0.0.3.

Where can I find it? Tried google but it didn’t work so where can I find it? :spin:

Interesting concept!

Maybe you can elaborate it a bit that’ll be wonderful.