Magic library

its a magic library,this seance available at cg trader:

you can create your interesting version of this!


this one is in Eevee

hah,I Suddenly saw this at the night,I say O my gosh what is this,before I realize its shadow of the wand


thanks to Irender farm.they have good and live support team.with my personal request they re-bake smoke and I dont upload 1.6 gig for it.

and thanks for your attention.


the colored style i like most :smiley:

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Thanks :love_you_gesture:

Really nice work - believable sense of space & light to draw us in.

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thank you very much

this scene is completely available in cg trader by searching magic library
feel free to edit use or change it.

it’s on NFT for a short time.
support a blender artist.
magic-libr… NFT for sale at