Magic texture test

This is only test… Made in Blender 1.68 :smiley:

y in 1.68??

Yeah, why o why in 1.68 ? :smiley:

I like old music, books, games and blender :wink:
1.68 is faster than 2.xx on my 300MHz PC

No need to upgrade if it still works right? :slight_smile:

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it huh? :wink:

Well you are missing out if you don’t upgrade.

2.28c Is your best bet at the moment.

2.3 is too buggy for my liking. But I did notice a significant speed boost in the ovaral UI performance so you may want to try it out.

Mabey in 16 bit colour mode.

1.68 is a little too old.

Yeah… Works right :smiley:


that’s not even slow.
later blender versions should work just fine.